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    Class A Hybrid - Tube/FET Amplifier
Heros is a very unusual hybrid transformer loaded amplifier marrying old concepts with the latest technology. The numerous benefits from using an output transformer are usually ignored mostly due to cost reasons.
Yet when done correctly the result speaks for itself.
  • Tube amplifier architecture with the simplest signal path
  • Transformer coupled input and output
  • JFET/MOSFET cascode output devices
  • Silicon Carbide diodes in power supply
  • Microprocessor control
  • Selectable gain
  • Selectable speaker impedance
  • Audiophile 5687wa tube used
  • Fully balanced differential operation
  • Both RCA and XLR inputs
  • Compact chassis built like a tank
  • 100W Class A power output
  • Based on a push-pull output stage but modified with our design concepts and experience it features a tube input stage providing the necessary voltage amplification. Followed by transformer loaded cascoded JFET/MOSFET output stage instead of the usual tube handling current gain much better.
    Almost double the efficiency of a normal Solid State Class A design, no DC on output and many other benefits are taken advantage of in our implementation.
    A fully differential architecture using an input phase splitting transformer and summing back at the push-pull output transformer. This solution completely floats the inside of the amplifier isolating it from any external influences.
    The design being fully differential is immune to power supply noise.
    The power supply for the output stage uses a new breed of rectifier diodes made from a new material called Silicon Carbide. They have no reverse current and switching losses.
    When properly applied the rectifier produces no EMI/RFI in the chassis. The result is an amplifier free of grain and fizziness, giving new meaning to transparency and tone.
    We use the well-known 5687WA audiophile tube and the highest grade audio transformers. Operating all devices in class 'A' produces a fair amount of heat, so the whole chassis is a heat sink. It is the most compact 100-watt class A solid state amplifier available.
    The chassis is designed to cope with the heat produced by the components and provide a vibration-free structure to house the components. All the electronics are enclosed in separate compartments to avoid interference between components.
    Blending this with stylish aesthetics produced a beautiful sculpture - To be known as Heros.
    Technical Specifications Inputs 1 unbalanced RCA connector
    1 balanced XLR connector
    Output Power 100W in 4Ω/8Ω Power supply 115 or 230V Power consumption 230W Weight 30 Kg Dimensions 210W x 400D x 230H mm Tube compliment 1x 5687 amplification
    Available Finishes Silver Anodized Aluminum Black Anodized Aluminum
    Reviews Thrax Audio Teres review Thrax Dionysos und Heros Review by: HiFiStatement.Net
    June 2017
    Die in Sofia beheimatete Firma Thrax hat sich in kurzer Zeit einen ganz ausgezei-chneten Ruf unter Audio-philen erarbeitet. Dirk Sommer hat vor einiger Zeit der Phonostufe Orpheus von Thrax gar „Weltklasse-Fähi-gkeiten“ bescheinigt. Ich habe deshalb sofort...
    Thrax Audio Teres review Thrax Dionysos und Heros Review by: Matej Isak
    July 2013
    Another rare ultra highlight of 2013 arrived. Rumen Artarski company Thrax captured my attention during the shows and getting to know their philosophy more deeply via their website and correspondence with Rumen. There was something so different and "right"...
    Thrax Audio Teres review Thrax Audio Maximinus + Dionysos + Heros Review by: Srajan Ebaen
    April 2013
    From ebulliently machined bead-blasted aircraft-grade aluminium cases to complex power supplies and advanced transformers from the likes of Hashimoto, Lundahl, Plitron and Tamura/Tamradio, Thrax strategically bypasses the hunters and punters of...
    Thrax Audio Teres review Thrax Audio Review by: Paul Messenger
    February 2013
    Thrax Audio philosophy and approach strongly correlates with my inner clock and how things should be made according to my understandings and feelings about ultra high-end audio. From tube rectifiers, chokes, TVC's, best materials being used...
    Thrax Audio Heros review Thrax Heros Review by: H&H
    June 2017
    새로운 브랜드의 제품을 접할 때마다 이들 제품의 특징과 핵심 기술이 어떤 것인지를 먼저 살펴보게 된다. 그리고 브랜드의 제품 철학도 필수다. 이번에 새롭게 접한 트락스라는 브랜드도 이런 관점에서 살펴보면 최근의 제품들과는 차별화된 콘셉트가 느껴지는 브랜드라고 할 수 있다. ...
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